About our Church

Our church has a history spanning back to 1721 and is one of the oldest Baptist chapels in Radnorshire. In September 2021, we celebrated our 300th anniversary as a church, and by God's grace this work will continue in the years to come!

In October 2022, Llandrindod Evangelical Church officially took on the Rock Baptist name and it is our desire to continue proclaiming the same Gospel this church proclaimed over 300 years ago.

Llandrindod Evangelical Church was formed in 1981 as an independent evangelical church in Llandrindod Wells. The church met in what used to be a bakery on Middleton Lane just behind J.O. Davies Spar. In August 2020, the church began meeting at the Rock Baptist Church due to the space restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic, where we continue to this day.

While our name has changed, our mission remains the same and we look forward to how the Lord will continue to build us as a church in Mid Wales.

“The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.” – Psalm 126:3 

Our Core Beliefs

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Every word is true and trustworthy, and it is our only authority for faith and practice.

We believe the Bible teaches that Salvation is by God’s grace alone through the work of Jesus Christ.

We believe that worship should be reverent and worthy of God. Our meetings are very straightforward and consist of prayer, hymn singing, Bible reading and preaching.

As a church body, these are the doctrinal beliefs that unite us and we adhere to:

Our Leadership

While our church has been blessed with a number of godly ministers in the past, we do not currently have a pastor. A number of deacons serve our church; and some of them, along with visiting speakers, supply our regular pulpit ministry.

Our current deacons serving the church are:

Reg Meredith, Rory Johnson and Stephen Davies

Our Ministry

Over the years our church has sought to be an evangelical witness in Llandrindod and the surrounding area. Along with our Sunday services, Sunday school and midweek meetings for Bible study and prayer, we have attempted to share the Gospel message in a variety of ways.

We have hosted open-air hymn sings, Harvest and Christmas Carol services, as well as Creation and missionary events. We also try to distribute Gospel tracts and literature and regularly produce a Mid Wales Calendar featuring local photos taken by members of our church with quotations from the Bible and timeless hymns as a testimony to God’s unfailing truth.

Despite being a relatively small church, we prayerfully seek to do our part to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and to proclaim His Gospel throughout Mid Wales.

Our Location

Rock Baptist Church

Rock Road, Fron


Llandrindod Wells


07548 263287


Our church is located in the Fron, near Crossgates, just above Llandrindod Wells. It is easily signposted off the A483 and has a spacious carpark. We also hold some of our meetings in Llandrindod Wells. For details, see our Visit page or Contact us.