Christian Institute Meeting – 3 August

Let's Pray for our Nation!

In a world that boasts to be very inclusive and diverse, Christianity is often forgotten or even openly opposed. The order God created into this world is increasingly being challenged as many argue we can do whatever is right in our own eyes. Without a sure standard of truth, we are sadly seeing standards of morality falling in our homes, our schools and even in our nation’s leaders.

This is why we as Christians not only need God’s help to live in ways that please Him, but also need to pray that we can be salt and light in our world and point others to the one and only Saviour and one and only standard of truth, the Lord Jesus Christ.

We will be praying together and hearing from Gareth Edwards, the Wales representative for the Christian Institute on Wednesday 3 August, 7pm at the Rock Baptist Church.

Gareth seeks to present the Christian perspective in his work in Cardiff Bay amongst members of the Senedd and others in government. We are grateful for Gareth’s work and look forward to this update and time of prayer together.

Join us if you are able as we pray for our nation together!