Celebrating 300 Years!

The year 2021 will be remembered for many things. For the Rock Baptist Church, this year marked 300 years since the congregation first started meeting at its current location back in 1721. For Llandrindod Evangelical Church, we celebrated 40 years since the church was first formed in 1981. Our two congregations have been meeting together at the Rock since August 2020. We are grateful that today, we are continuing to proclaim the same timeless Gospel message which was heard on these hills over 300 years ago!

All of this gave us plenty of reasons to celebrate and thank God for his continued work within Radnorshire.

“Whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock.” – Matthew 7:24

A weekend to remember!

Review from our weekend of celebration - 11/12th September 2021

Celebration Event - Saturday 11th September

We were delighted to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Rock Chapel and its place in the story of the Christian faith in Radnorshire on Saturday, 11th September. Our guest speaker Dr Gwyn Davies (Aberystwyth) gave a thoroughly interesting address showing how the ROCK demonstrates the continued Reign Of Christ the King here in Radnorshire.

Following the meeting, many enjoyed outdoor a cuppa tea and some cake while taking in the tremendous views of the surrounding countryside.

A video recording is now available here or on the Llandrindod Evangelical YouTube page. If you want to listen to an audio recording only, visit our Sermon page or simply click here.

Gospel Service - Sunday 12th September

The following Sunday (12th September) we held a special family Gospel Service. Rory Johnson, one of our deacons, led the meeting and showed how important it was to build our lives upon the Rock which Jesus described in His Sermon on the Mount.

Following the service, many enjoyed a picnic on the grounds with remarkably calm weather and enjoyable fellowship.

video recording of part of that service is now available here or on the Llandrindod Evangelical YouTube page. If you want to listen to an audio recording only, visit our Sermon page or simply click here.

Additionally that Sunday evening we held a special Service of Praise with those attending picking a number of hymns to sing together and Rory leading with a short devotional. You can listen to that devotional on our Sermon page or simply by clicking here.

All above meetings were carried out in line with appropriate Covid risk assessment measures in force at the time.